As aforementioned, the main activity of Ario Group is anti-corrosion protection of metal structures, which can range from small structural and architectural frameworks, to large civil engineering works, such as viaducts, road and rail bridges, industrial plants for steelworks, the energy and petrochemical sector.

These activities are mainly carried out in the Castel d’Ario (MN) and Camisano Vicentino (VI) premises. Besides anti-corrosion treatments on rough material, there has recently been an increase in demand for finishing on hot galvanised structures. These require a soft type of blasting carried out with inert material such as Garnet (Almandine, no silicosis) and specific cycles for low roughness surfaces.

Another activity, which has been increasingly requested, is on site application of finishing varnishes and fire-proof protection cycles, requiring use of intumescent or plaster-based products. For such activity, Ario is equipped with both qualified personnel and all necessary equipment, such as platforms, engine compressors, motor generators, electro-pneumatic pumps and anything else needed to be able to offer on site finished products, which are high quality and supplied with certifications complying with the standards.