It is composed of an overall area of 35,000 m2, 5,500 of which is indoors and the remainder a storage yard for materials and the warehouse, ready for processing, and for material already treated, ready for dispatch. The area is also available for any pre-assemblies and additional operations requested by the client.

The blasting department is equipped with automatic blast machines and manual blasting cabins where metallic grit and Garnet type inerts can be used. The internal movement operations can be entrusted to use of the overhead crane up to 30 tons, while for external movements forklifts are available with a maximum capacity of 18 tons.

The painting department is equipped with a heating system, wall and pit-mounted dry purifiers, perimeter sockets for electrical energy and compressed air and a telematic network to detect temperature, humidity and dew point.

An important aspect of Ario srl activities is also the consultancy supplied to clients relating to the characteristics the structures to treat should have for correct and optimal application of a long-lasting protective and quality cycle.